Couples and Money

They say money can’t buy love but it can sure complicate it! Numerous studies have shown that money is the No. 1 reason why couples argue — and many of the recently divorced say those battles were the main reason why they untied the knot – whether it’s too little of it, too much of it, who pays for what, or just different attitudes towards it! So – how can you learn to manage money together? How can you turn one of the greatest causes of marital misunderstanding into something that draws you closer together and helps you accomplish your joint purpose?


Muriithi Wanjau is a bestselling author (one of his books has sold over 200,000 copies in 6 continents). He is also a motivational speaker and the lead visionary of Mavuno Church, a fast growing movement of churches based in Nairobi, Kenya with a presence in 10 different nations. Carol Wanjau is a trained marriage and family therapist and also a successful author – several of her courses are used by couples and families internationally. Together they are cofounders and directors of several investment companies.

With over 40 years of coaching, teaching, speaking and counseling between them, their passion is seeing leaders and families lives being transformed as they discover their God-given purpose and destiny.

In this first ever exclusive online course, they teach couples how to manage their money together and turn one of the greatest causes of marital misunderstanding into something that draws them closer and helps their marriage to thrive.

11 video lessons

In these well produced, easy to follow 30 minute lessons that you can listen to at your own convenience, Muriithi & Carol Wanjau teach their proven approach on how couples can successfully work together to achieve their financial goals

PDF Workbook

Exercises and assignments put together by Muriithi & Carol Wanjau that help you as a couple work through the concepts

Online Mentoring

2 hour weekly online meeting in a group setting with other couples guided by a certified facilitator couple 

2 Online Seminars

Two live online events facilitated by Muriithi & Carol where you get a chance to interact with them and learn from their experiences.


1. Different Strokes 

One of the biggest causes of disagreements about money is that our different families taught us to value money differently. This module will help you assess what values you learnt about money from your families of origin and help you to agree on what common values you want to have for your family

2. Different Eyes 

The second big cause of money disagreements is that couples fail to see how their different temperaments cause them to approach money differently. This module will show you how your temperament causes you to be a loner, hoarder, spender, avoider etc. Once you understand these money traps, you can work together to ensure your money becomes a source of freedom, not slavery!

3. Real Talk

We all know that it’s important for couples to talk about money. But what most couples struggle with is how to talk about money. In this module, we help you develop communication skills that will help you have great conversations not just about money but about everything else in your marriage!

4. Understanding The Why Of Money

Most couples want to learn the ‘how’ of money. They think that if they just could just get more money, then they would solve all their problems. The biggest problem however is not ‘how’ but ‘why.’ If you understand the why of money, money won’t strain your marriage but will actually bring you closer together!

5. Your Money Journey

At each stage of your marriage, there are important goals you need to agree on. We profile the different stages and the goals you should be working on together at each stage. The best day to plant an oak was twenty years ago . . . the next best day is today.

6. Climbing Out Of The Debt Trap

Debt is one of the easiest ways for you as a couple to get sidetracked from living a purposeful life. Learn why debt is so dangerous plus some practical ways to get out of the debt trap plus when it’s okay to take on debt.

7. Living Sustainably

Without a good spending plan, your desires to create wealth as a couple are simply wishful thinking! In this module, you will get simple, practical tools to help you create the margins you need in order to invest your riches to build true wealth.

8. Cash Flow

Its one thing to know things intellectually but as they say, ‘practice makes perfect’. In this module, you simulate all you are learning in this course through playing the famous Cash Flow Game© created by Richard Kiyosaki, author of ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’.

9. Multiplying Your Income Streams

In this special module, you get to interact online with Muriithi & Carol in a live video session, as they share practical lessons from their own money journey that will inspire you to assess and multiply your own income streams

10. Building Your Net Worth

There is a difference between working hard for money and having money work hard for you. Learn some very simple, almost simplistic truths about investing that most people don’t practice.

11. The Power Of Giving

Learn how set up your wealth so that it will never harm your kids but will instead leave a beautiful legacy for the next generation

12. Teaching Kids About Money

Parents work hard to provide a good education for their kids. That’s because they want them to succeed! But most parents are not intentional about increasing their children’s financial literacy. This module will teach you how to set up your kids not just to get a job but to create wealth!