Financial Foundations


Learn four foundational and yet radical truths that will dramatically change how you interact with money! How can you free your heart so that money does not control you? How can you break your conditioning so that you never again work for money? How do you correctly apply the law of seed-time and harvest for kingdom-focused wealth creation? And how do you accelerate your success by working with like-minded others? Written in simple language and using real life illustrations, you will find this a valuable resource in your quest to become a kingdom-centered money manager!

From the Author

If you've ever built a house or seen one being built, you might have realized that digging a foundation is expensive and unrewarding work! For many months, you're literally pouring money into a hole, and no one actually gets to see what lies beneath the surface. And that's why it's so tempting to skimp on this invisible stage in our rush to put up a beautiful home. But you'd quickly find out if you did so that the one place you can't afford to take shortcuts is with your foundation!

This book is actually a prequel to my earlier book'Financial Fitness', which has been a great blessing to many. It has taught them how to get out of debt, live sustainably and grow wealth.

But before we begin the important work of wealth building, we need to understand the four foundational principles about money. If you learn and practice these principles, they will act as a solid foundation that will ensure the wealth God brings your way becomes a tool towards accomplishing your God-given purpose!

From the Inside Flap

I have heard and read a lot about money but never presented as simply and concisely as in this book. The truths about money in this book were so intriguing that I read it from cover to cover in one sitting! Everything is in plain sight and now I intend to place a copy of Financial Foundations in the hands of everyone in my 'chama' including my darling wife Ivy.

Benjamin Luta


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