Mizizi: Plugging Into Your God-Purpose


From the Author

The first book in the transformational loop series, Mizizi (Swahili for "Roots") is tailor-made to help you connect with God, connect with your local church and connect with your purpose. Join thousands of others who have gone through this exciting and relevant-to-everyday-life course, and discovered a new sense of purpose and meaning. Through the experience, you will also develop some lifelong friendships with like-minded people and build personal practices that will continue to help you grow for the rest of your life. Here's what a few participants had to say: "Taking the Mizizi class was amazing! I grew and grew and grew....I learnt how to cry, got out of debt, forgave people against whom I'd held grudges for years, started talking to my father after 9 years of silence...the list goes on! And I'm still growing!" - Wamaitha Mungai, Banker "Through Mizizi, a lot of questions we had about the Christian walk were answered! The course is well rounded and relevant to everyday life, covering practical topics like identifying and using your spiritual gifts to managing your finances. In addition, the opportunity to share our faith was awesome! We don't just advise people to take part in Mizizi, we would say that it is mandatory for all Christians to attend." - Sheila and Angela Ndiho, Business Owners "Mizizi helped me to rethink my personal ministry! I found the material relevant, direct and easy to read, and couldn't wait to pick it up every day. The emphasis on application gave it a life-changing quality. I highly recommend this for every Christian." - Peter Maribei, Pastor "Having done the class twice - the second time as a facilitator - I found that it took me back to the basics of building deep roots for my faith. The opportunity to interact with others and to be immersed in ministry together ignited something in me. I was greatly challenged about my role in social justice and in environmental issues. It was so rewarding to see people's lives changed. This is an excellent course." - Anne Mahinda, Hoteller "It has been amazing to see God at work to create powerfully transformed growing believers through this 10-week course. To see people living out missional lives, excited about their faith is a real blessing. I highly recommend it and encourage you to use it as a guide, whether you're just starting out in faith or have been a Christian for many years." - Pastor Oscar Muriu, Senior Pastor, Nairobi Chapel *Please Note: This book is designed to be done in a small group setting.


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