Ndoa: Investing In The Marriage Of Your Dreams

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Despite romantic and very promising beginnings, few marriages today live up to the promise. The main problem is that while most people spend tons of time and money preparing for their wedding, few are willing to invest similarly in their marriage!

While there are many books on marriage out there, few are written from an urban African context. Drawing from their years of experience of counseling and teaching and sharing openly examples from their own marriage, the authors outline inspiring and yet practical lessons that any couple can use to greatly enhance their marriage.

The Ndoa course has been field-tested by hundreds of couples, many of whom have experienced deepening of their relationship in the process. Many were so impacted by the experience that they volunteered to help take other couples through it! Whether you are recently engaged and preparing for your marriage, or have been married many years, you will find the Ndoa workbook and experience a wise investment for the marriage of your dreams!

From the Author

Despite very promising beginnings, many marriages today do not pass the five-year mark. Even among the most well-meaning, the rate of divorce,separation and marital dissatisfaction is increasing rapidly despite people being better educated and having better prospects than previous generations. So what is happening? Why are people not finding their happily ever after?

Over the years,we've come to believe that lack of adequate preparation is one of the main reasons many marriages fail. As the saying goes, 'when you fail to plan, you plan to fail'. We take many years of school to prepare for a career. But while many people spend tons of time and money preparing for their wedding day, few are willing to invest similarly in their marriage; something that will hopefully last long beyond their careers!

Ndoa has been designed to equip engaged or already married couples with the foundations that will help them succeed in their marriage. For the engaged, it will help you assess your readiness for marriage as well as provide the equipping you need to beat the societal odds against great marriages. For those already married who realize they did not prepare adequately, they will discover that it's not too late to put things right and to ensure they finish well. Those who are blessed with a great marriage will also find the material rewarding because none of us have 'arrived', and there's always room for growth. In addition, they will find in Ndoa a valuable resource to help other couples who are looking to them for mentoring.

Throughout this manual, we are going to be sharing many of our personal stories - both successes and failures. At points you'll hear Muriithi's perspective and other times you'll hear Carol's. We're going to be looking at some of the issues we feel strongly that all couples need to address today if they are serious about succeeding in their marriage. But most importantly, we'll be sharing the biblical principles and convictions that have helped us keep going, even when we felt like giving up.

Unlike academic courses which emphasize acquisition of knowledge, Ndoa is about personal transformation. We believe that as an individual grows in their self-awareness,they are able with God's help to break unhelpful patterns of thought or behavior in their lives and in the process, contribute positively to their marriage. The emphasis therefore in this course is on the individual. We ask everyone in the course, whether accompanied by their spouse/fiancé or not to focus on their own learning process. Our motto throughout is 'work on me, pray for them'.

So let the games begin! May the next ten weeks prove to be the gateway into a joyful marriage relationship that lasts for the long as the two of you shall live!

About the Author

Carol Wanjau is a graduate of the University of Nairobi (Bsc) and FullerTheological Seminary (MA Theology) and Azusa Pacific University (MSc Marriage & FamilyTherapy). She is the author of 'Simama: Bringing Freedom To Your Family'. She worked as a psychologist and then as an entrepreneur before joining the staff of Mavuno Church where she is currently the executive pastor for alignment. Carol is passionate about healthy marriages and families.
Muriithi Wanjau is a graduate of the University of Nairobi (Bsc) and Fuller Theological Seminary (MDiv). He is the author of several books including 'Mizizi: Plugging Into Your GodPurpose', which has been translated into over six languages and is used by churches around the world. He is the senior pastor of Mavuno Church. One of Muriithi's greatest passions is helping people discover their God-given purpose.

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